Church community Epiphanias


The epiphanias municipality Bochum-Hamme, as well as the Kreuzgemeinde, belong to the autonomous evangelical lutheran church (SELK), which has about 120 communities throughout Germany. The Church community Epiphanias provides high engagement and is financed by member donations only. To be lutheran means for them that Martin Luther‘s tree of knowledge is still meaningful in modern life. Using the words from the time of th reformation: In Jesus Christ, God comes to meet us with love and grace. Through him we are God’s beloved children. This is said to us in the Bible, the Word of God, and celebrated in our services every Sunday.

To experience this, the Epiphanias Community invites all of us in several ways to their church. Starting with the so-called “Epi-Breakfast” every second Wednesday and the “Epi-concerts” all guests shall feel comfortable and experience a piece of the Christian faith.

Since 2010 the Epiphanias church is one of several freeway churches, passed by 100,000 cars every day on the A40 and the Dorstener Straße. For everyone, the church is open during the day, in order to be able to find the presence of God in the midst of everyday life.

The meeting café “Meet&Greet”, which is located in the parish hall under the church room, has been fittingly integrated into the opening hours of the church for people of all origins since the beginning of 2016.

Pfarrer Michael Otto
Dorstener Straße 263
44809 Bochum