Clothing donation room

Prior to the first meeting with refugees in the council Herz Jesu, our „Welcome party for Refugees“ on august 30th 2015, we collected donations and stored them in one of our rooms.

Since the 1st July 60 people (mainly young men) had lived in the sports hall at  Von-der-Recke-Str. 53 and a couple of families with their kids (33 people, including 16 children and a few babies) lived in apartments in Dorstener Str. 180. During the party we guided small groups of these refugees successively through the room with the donations for them to choose from the clothes, bags, suitcases and personal hygiene items.

In the weeks after that we claimed another room in the Herz-Jesu Council as our donations-room. The room wasn`t used anymore and so we placed our goods inside and could store the clothes there without having to concern ourselves with clearing everything away each time the service was used. There were additional opening hours in emergency cases or for example when new refugees arrived without clothes or shoes.

After our first network meeting we got the commitment of the protestant community Gethsemane, Amtsstr. 4, that we can use their containers as clothing storage from then on, because the containers were no longer used for streetwork.

The volunteers of the clothing distribution made it their business to equip refugees in need with clothes, underwear, shoes, suitcases or bags and personal hygiene items. They also advise refugees on the choice of clothes, help to make contacts and teach them German along the way.

The current requirement of clothes can be found on the following page.

The clothing distribution of HammeHilft! is opened every second Wednesday from May 4th 2016 onwards (see dates on the homepage) and is located in the rectory of the Propstei community. The location is Reichsstraße 31, 44809 Bochum.

Contact Person

Beate Götte

Please use this contact formula if you are interested.

Opening Hours

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Donations accepted welcome from 6:00 pm.