HaRiHo – Die Stadtteilpartner

Beatrice Röglin and Daria Stolfik, pedagogically qualified people of Falken Bochum, coordinate the decentralised, social work in the districts of Hamme, Riemke and Hofstede as the project „HaRiHo – Die Stadtteilpartner“.

The target groups of children, teens and families are the focus of the pedagogical work, whereby a holistic approach is pursued, that includes all residents and their competencies.

The main focus of the decentraised and integrative work in these districts lies in the social and cultural projects, concerning themes of importance to the residents, that develop right in the district itself to support one`s own initiative and self-organisation, to activate self-help power and to strengthen the participation in social life. The project coordinators are in regular dialogue with specialists from the district as well as with kids and teenagers to ascertain the actual needs.

In the past few years numerous projects with residents, as well as in cooperation with local active institutions, associations, organisations and unions have been realized and give all participants the opportunity to bring in their competencies to shape their own environment.

By building networks, resources are clustered and a basis is founded to establish viable and widely accepted projects. The aim is the development of participation, through which the public space characterized by anonymity and arbitrariness changes into a place of shared experiences.

The focus is on open, low-threshold, and free services, to provide access to every human being regardless of their social situation.

For further information please see: https://falken-bochum.de/node/30 and https://www.facebook.com/Stadtteilpartner/

“HaRiHo – Die Stadtteilpartner”
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