The network HammeHilft! hosts regularly a meeting-café for refugees and interested local citizens. Everybody is welcome to laugh together, to talk, to dance or just to have fun.

The meeting café „Meet&Greet“ takes place once a month, usually on the second Friday, in the church hall of the Kreuz-Kirche Bochum, Gahlensche Straße 146 in Bochum-Hamme.

The idea of the meeting café is to bring together refugees with local citizens for a chat or a game or just to get to know each other. Everybody is welcome to drop in and have a cup of tea, coffee, a piece of cake or some hearty dishes with people from many different countries, thereby getting to know them and actively working towards integration at the same time.

<h2>Dates 2019</h2>
Below you see an overview of all planned meeting cafés for 2019. The meeting café takes place once in a month on the second Friday in the time between 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm.

11.01.2019 * 08.02.2019 * 08.03.2019 * 12.04.2019 * 10.05.2019 * 14.06.2019 * 12.07.2019 * 09.08.2019 * 13.09.2019 * 11.10.2019 * 08.11.2019 * 13.12.2019